Whether you need some tips to get organized, have lost control of your space, or you need a total closet overhaul – Closet Essentials can help you! Our focus and expertise lies in your closet, with all your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Closet Essentials has three service levels to get you started, depending on your closet and organizational needs. Explore the options below.

STEP 1 – MINIMIZE:  Clear the Clutter

  • We’ll go through your items and sort them into groups – Keep, Donate/Consign & Purge
  • Items that are being donated/consigned or thrown out, will be bagged up.


STEP 2 – ORGANIZE:   Develop a system & flow that will be easy to maintain

  • Items will be organized back into your space based on type and color.
  • Assess items that should be folded vs. hung


STEP 3 – ACCESSORIZE:    Storage and Wardrobe Solutions to keep you organized and make your space look beautiful

  • Utilize items you already own that could be used for storage solutions, such as bins and baskets.
  • Recommendations can be made regarding hangers, storage and wardrobe solutions.

*Personal Shopping is also available – We offer two shopping options:  Storage and wardrobe solutions can be purchased, based on your needs and budget or we can schedule a shopping trip together.


Contact us today to get started!

Image and Wardrobe Consulting services are offered through our sister company, Conway Image Consulting.