“The organizing was almost effortless for me.  LeAnn really got in there and took care of everything.  I was on hand to advise about which clothes to keep and which to purge, but she did all the work quickly and efficiently.  What would’ve taken me days took her just a few hours.  And nearly two months later, my closet still looks great!  Her organization is easy to maintain and works with my life.   I will definitely hire LeAnn again!” – JJ (Burlington, WI) 

“If you are the type of person who has a love-hate relationship with your closet, then you are just like me.  I am a working Mom of two young boys and my shopping experiences most often include the boys bantering at each other in the dressing room as I try on clothes as quickly as humanly possible.  When I find something that I like, I end up buying the same thing in every color to avoid more shopping trips with the boys.  After many years of this type of shopping, my closet began to suffer and so did I.  My clothes were piled up high on the floor (which my boys loved so that they could jump off of the top) and I was the only one who could tell you were something was in my mountain of clothes.  And then I met LeAnn… Having someone who you have never met before come into a personal space where you would never let anyone you know go –  is a bit scary.  You think, “Will I be judged based on my inability to keep an organized closet?”   Trust me when I say that LeAnn is the perfect stranger to let into your closet.  She has a refined and practical approach to getting your closet into the best shape of its life.  My day no longer starts digging through a pile of clothes to try to find what I think is at the bottom of the pile.  An organized closet is like putting together a puzzle – when the pieces are all over the place it is frustrating; however once all of the pieces are put together it gives you a sense of accomplishment.  Many thanks to LeAnn for helping me put my puzzle of a closet back together.  I hope that you give her the opportunity to put your puzzle back together as well.”  Jessica (Racine, WI) 


“I have always had trouble figuring out how to organize my closet.  Even with a new walk-in closet, I couldn’t seem to configure the space effectively.  LeAnn is a natural, and was extremely helpful in maximizing space and helping me place things well from a functional perspective.  LeAnn has great energy and enthusiasm, she is someone I truly enjoyed spending time with on this project.  I feel I received many benefits from working with her on my space.  I now know exactly what I have, I am able to make the most of what I have and have broken a very bad habit of buying the same types of pieces over and over.  Now, I am adding the articles I truly need because I can easily see what I have.  I enjoy my space so much more since LeAnn helped me get organized!” – Rachel (Delafield, WI)

Unorganized Closet“Not to get too philosophical, but there is a reason why closets have doors. It’s kind of private and letting anyone in is a touchy process.  Being a full time working mom with two little children, organizing my closet and facing my current clothing size and style was something I needed but was trying to avoid. I live in an old neighborhood of Whitefish Bay in an old house and old houses come with small closet spaces.  My challenges (related to the closet): small storage space, not enough time and an ever changing clothing size. LeAnn offered to help and I was exited but nervous, remember it’s my “private space” “it’s my style” and I don’t know about you but I don’t like being told what to do.  LeAnn was so easy to work with and I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the process was. She was organized and kept us on track. The end result: my closet is organized where getting ready in the morning is a breeze and believe it or not, so far, I have no problem keeping it up. Her follow up letter gave me some great ideas on pieces I can add to enhance my wardrobe. Thank you for helping me out and saving some very needed time. The only regret I have is that I did not do this earlier.” – Natasha (Whitefish Bay, WI)




“The floor vs. the hangar?  I’d choose the floor.  After all, I know where everything is, what’s clean, what’s not…right?  To the dismay of my overly OCD husband, my closet is pleasantly referred to as the town the tornado hit.  I have lovely things, and like them that way, but organization is not my forte.  Enter, LeAnn.  Her organizational thought, creativity, savvy and personal style brought my closet from so not, to so hot.  I actually have girlfriends who, after walking around looking at our new house, end up in the closet, commenting on how outstanding it is!  I thought that only happened in the kitchen! LeAnn gave me great pointers on folding vs. hanging, arranging by color/content, made affordable suggestions on sturdy, stylish hangars and other closet accoutrement’s and helped motivate me to actually want to keep it looking pristine.  I feel like my wardrobe options, from bags to britches, are now endless, and I haven’t even had to buy anything new!  If you ask me, I’d recommend putting a little “LeAnn” in everyone’s closet!” – Tracy (Wales, WI)